My most important blog post

I know I come across as a completely radical hippy, I am but please hear me out.

We are already in the midst of WW3 and you don’t even know it. You’re already fighting in it, you’re a soldier, just a different kind.

Power is gained by control, theft and fear.

Humans have fought wars for millennia, colonialism, industrialisation, and now digitalisation and imperialism.

As a human being in order to survive you only need food, water and shelter.

We have been groomed by power systems our entire life which have us believe we need things like money, cars and possessions to live. And whilst we’ve fallen into this trap, we are losing our natural survival skills.

When COVID 19 started to hit home, why did everyone start stock piling crazily?

Because you ain’t living without FOOD!

Food = life and this is the gold that this war is really fighting.

The top 1% of the most powerful in this world know this, and have tried to capitalise on our natural food chain for decades, destroying ecosystems that are fundamental in supporting our existence.

Like soil.

We are kept ignorant to these deconstructions by simply being entertained and controlled by the power of the digital revolution. TV, ads, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc these are collecting your data to know you better than you know yourself to keep you brainwashed.

Ever had a WhatsApp message or call and wonder why what you just discussed pops up on Facebook and Google?

Back to food.

Seeds, soil and water are our livelihood. And yet the top 1% are trying to gain full control of that. They control EVERYTHING if they have it and they are getting there.

It’s a slow war. But you need to be awake in it. Switch off from the Kardashians and start watching the earth show. It’s beautiful, I promise.

Why are they wanting to patent a plant that already grows and adapts with nature naturally? Why are we eating synthetics that do not nourish us and make us sick to then be sold a drug another synthetic that supposidly cures us?

Plants are the medicine and if we ate them we wouldn’t get sick. Actually, some can make you sick so be cautious.

Do you know how your food is grown or made or do you just open up a packet and eat it without even wondering about it? How was is made? Why is that ingredient in it? What even is that ingredient? Why does my food even need a label? How does this food get here? How does this food benefit me? Does it cause suffering?

If we were in lockdown without access to supermarkets could you grow your food or identify a plant that is or isnt edible?

Why are chemicals used to grow food that has grown fine for millennia?

Eat ORGANIC fruit and veg in abundance. It’s your life ticket. Why is the word organic stamped on this carrot and not that one and what difference does it make?

Feeling overwhelmed? I know it’s a lot of information and a lot of questions, but you’re doing great, stay with me.

You don’t need to digest or find out all this information right away. I do want you to think about it though, if nothing else just let your cogs mull over some of the questions I’ve asked you.

I’m here to help you, I’m still learning myself I do not have all the answers, but that’s how we evolve.

I know there are lot of great systems in place but there are a lot of bad too.

I’m not asking you to renounce anything. But I am asking you to question, why, how, who?

We need to regenerate for change to happen, we need to ask questions and make small changes.

You don’t need to be a farmer or have acres of land either. Small changes in large quantities make a huge difference. I am just one said 1 billion people!

I’m here to help. Because you matter to me and so does this world. That is my only motive.