New Year, New Garden Project

I’ve been a garden blogger for almost 3 years now, gardening and blogging have been my ultimate passion, where I’ve shared my gardening journey and my mental health journey too. I have suffered from depression since the age of 17. I’ve always shared this freely and try use my blog space to help others who maybe suffering too. You see gardening and writing are therapy for me, they help me heal.

However, last year was one of my toughest battles. All my achievements in the gardening and media world came crashing down with my real world. I was suddenly faced with a marriage breakdown, which meant I had to move homes and leave behind my wonderful garden  that I had just created. This was extremely difficult beyond words, I also had to leave my pets too.

These, caused me the greatest stress and grief I’d ever encountered, dealing with abdonment and major life changes left me with PTSD, bringing out a uncontrollable illness called Chronic Urticaria. This illness, put me in the hospital on a couple of occasions because I’d swell up so much nothing  but shots of adrenaline and  antihistamines would stop it, it was life threatening, because my airwaves were restricted too due to the swelling in my mouth. It took the best part of a year on daily antihistamines and steroids to sort me out. Luckily I’m still here and it’s now settled down, much with my anxiety and mental health. I’ve healed a lot.

Because I’ve suddenly had these major unplanned events, moving house inparticular, it’s left me broke. I left my marriage with a washing machine and some ornaments. No savings. Nothing and started again with my little boy.

Now I’m not asking for pity here, I don’t roll like that, I get through and deal with my shit. However, I want to continue to blog, because I love it, and you people actually seem to enjoy what I showcase and write about, I’m very grateful for that.

Blogging doesn’t pay my bills though, a real 9-5 does and that’s fine, I never expected it too. The last year I’ve been so skint though, rebuilding a home from nothing costs a lot of money and time. I have only just managed to buy myself a bed, I’ve slept on the floor for a year, but that’s life, I’ve had to prioritise all my crap.

I guess what I’m doing here is saying, if you like what I do and share  and take some value from it and want me to continue would you buy me the equivalent of  a cup of coffee, so I can build my new garden and restore my allotment?  I’m not in a financial position to do it myself at the moment and I just want to garden and continue to share that with you.

This is what I am working with…… It’s driving me mad.


In return, I will show you how I plan to build it into a function haven and how I’d do these tasks and activities with more posts and videos. I will even offer a monthly Live Q&A.

What makes me special? Im very real, I think that’s what people enjoy the most? I also have a very happy, positive, we can do this community spirit, I won’t do something that isn’t true. I also just really, really love gardening and I miss it and don’t feel quite like myself for not doing it. I’ve been on a crazy journey, I want to help people who may be in similar situations heal too.

This is really difficult for me as I don’t want to feel like I’m taking the piss or that I am a charity case, but if I can help you in the smallest of ways with what I do, would you help me too and buy me the equivalent of a cup of coffee?


Thank you so so much, and if you can’t donate for any reason, would you please do me a kindness and share my story.

Brightest Blessings Always!

Bo x