I Lost My Way – Changes, not GDPR related


Once Upon a time, there was this little weird garden girl, who swore a lot but we can forgive her that,  as she was dead set on saving the world! But …. she got stuck for a while in the blogtastic universe and lost some (not all) of her funk.

OK let me break it down

Before I started blogging, I was dead certain about what I was doing and where I was going. I was planning to eventually live on a little homestead, possibly off grid as self-sufficient as possible. I wrote about it, it was one of my first blogs. And in between all that I was going to save the world. I wrote about that too.

Saving the world has always been something I’m fiercely passionate about, it’s why I began blogging in the first place, in a hope that I would convince others to want to do the same. But I got lost in this new world, I was becoming influenced by brands and the perfect pristine brainwashed image of gardening. I was attending gardening shows, wanting the latest plant and product, and then documenting this. Who the fuck had I become? This wasn’t me….. I even toned down my swearing and political views……. It never went as far as voting for Theresa May but it did become pretty bad.

When I picked up blogging again at Easter, I was in a state of confusion about what I would be blogging about. I didn’t want to write about what flower is blooming right now or which product I’m like totally loving, these things don’t stir up any passion in me and most definitely don’t motivate me to write. I started looking back over my back catalogue and questioning myself, what did motivate me and stir up some passion?

I’ve always been an odd ball that goes against the grain rather than following trends and themes. I’ve always been a rebel too and I’m not scared to voice my true opinion on things…. because I’m a voice for the people and the voiceless not a brand or institution. If I call out a brand it’s because they’re doing something wrong and if I work with a brand it’s because they are doing something right! It’s that simple.

I don’t blog to get ahead either, yes I entered The Garden Media Guild Awards last year and was a finalist, which was nice to have some recognition for my work, but my greatest recognition comes from you guys, when you interact with me about the topics I write about. This was hugely demonstrated in one of my most recent Instagram posts, where I shared the effects of our plastic consumption as a nation.

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I'm going to be totally honest, I'm a little bit disappointed in the lack of discussion around #plasticfree on Twitter. Being more conscious about single use plastic and waste is not a fucking trend or fashion that is the latest buzz word, it's REALITY! We live in a world where toxic consumerism is rife and ignorance is bliss…… but is it?….. Can YOU honestly look at these images and not be disturbed by them….. do they not make you want to make any small changes to stop contributing to this ecological problem….. That we're all responsible for? …… What can one person's actions achieve?…. I totally understand this is a sensitive subject and I'll lose followers, because in no way am I going to shut the fuck up about it, but I really don't care if I do, I wish you all the best and hopefully one day we'll cross paths again. I'm not a voice for a brand I'm a voice for this earth and the voiceless.🐢🐝🐳🦈🐙🐡 Any contribution to saving our beautiful earth is worthwhile no matter how big or small, whether it's avoiding bottled water, plastic toothbrushes to buying in bulk and striving to be totally plastic free….. every little helps, but just thinking about it or talking about it rather than swiping past helps in a MAJOR way, come on people disposable days are OVER….. do it for them, do it for your children's future too….. there is no planet B. 🌍

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I’ve written about this topic before as it’s something I’m deeply passionate about and you guys have been awesome, sharing how you’re becoming more conscious too, this is how revolutions start and it’s beautiful.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this blog post and I’m having a hard time explaining, is that my blog is changing. It’s no longer going to be solely focussed on gardening……. I don’t even know how it just became that anyway, maybe because I spend a lot of time doing that?! Anyway I digress, it’s turning back around to what I initially intended it to be, which is a little activist hub for bettering our world, environment and lives through simple actions like growing your own food, avoiding plastic, boycotting things that cause harm and disillusion. A place that celebrates the worlds natural wonders and keeping it organic without unnecessary pollution.

If these topics are something you’d rather do without then I’m sorry to hear that and this is probably where we part ways, as I need to be real with myself and use my voice as I originally intended. I thank you for all the support you’ve given and wish you all the best and hope our paths cross again. For you crazy apples that are going to stay…. well I just fucking love you man, just like that guy who sees a double rainbow, you guys blow my mind.

I have some big things coming up and I love that you’re going to be a part of them, together we can better this world, I truly believe that with all my huge heart…. and whilst we’re saving the world we get to enjoy some scrumptious produce and learn some new skills.


Right I’m off to the allotment now, I’ve rambled on enough, I just thought whilst everyone’s updating their GDPR policies I’d update my life policies!


Brightest Blessings Always,

Bo x






  1. anneontheshelf says:

    Looking forward to your posts with the wider focus.

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  2. Alison says:

    Love your post BR. Only found your blog/vlogs recently, but whole heartedly agree with your quest to reduce plastic. One person can make a difference because If we, as individuals, all try to reduce it a bit the world will be a better place. Keep on doing what you are doing.


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