Shhhhhh………Secret Open Garden

I was recently invited to a secret open garden here in wonderful Yorkshire. Ok so it wasn’t a secret, but it was private and invite only, and man was I a lucky bugger to be invited!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a garden geek. None so much more than my poor husband, who when taking a walk with me has to practically drag me by the hand like a five year old for stalling and snooping in other peoples gardens. I can’t help it!

As you can imagine when the invite came around, I snapped it up! What could be more exciting than mingling in a beautiful garden with fellow garden geeks??

I am however (believe it, or not) quite a shy person really… don’t get me wrong I have a voice and an opinion and once you know me a big laugh too, but I am very introvert. I almost didn’t go. But after speaking to my friends, who unfortunately couldn’t accompany me (their loss) I grew some balls and got on with it.

I was mighty glad I did too.

This garden was amazing.

Opened for charity……………. I strolled down the country back lane, and was greeted by lovely friends of the garden owner.  There was a £4 entry fee, of course all proceeds going to charity, I paid up was handed my map and I had all but one question upon entering…………… Am I allowed to take pictures?


I saw a small huddle of people in the front garden, I quietly approached to listen in to the conversation.  And before long I was there chatting away to the garden designer, discussing all wonderful things from garden shows to plants, to study.

Wandering then down the wonderfully planted gravel drive, to the main garden. This garden was young at only 3 years old but, it’s every potential was being used in every format, from shady corners, to beneath statement trees, walls upside the house that gets some sunlight, to a chimney planter waiting to quirkily greet you and introduce you to the beauty you’re about to see.

Entering through the gate to the main walled garden was magnificent. I mean just saying walled garden is enough to make any gardener’s heart go a flutter.  I’ve witnessed some great garden borders, but these were wonderful. The textures, colour combinations and interest, especially at this time of year when most gardeners find there gardens going over for the season were stunning. Even the plants in decay were truly striking.




I then wandered off through the gate beyond the wall to the veg patch and young orchard. The harvest season was upon us with lots of lovely crops in abundance, however the veg patch is the next project of improvement for the garden owner, so I will be excited to see how that develops. Next was through the newly planted woodland area, which hasn’t even reached adolescence yet, but I’m sure as it matures will be amazing, I evisage bluebells and snowdrops in profusion. The whole garden from potting shed, to small corners to summer houses had a pleasing artistic side to them, with splendid yet simple details.

After then wandering back through the walled garden to indulge in tea and cake (well it would be rude not too) I sat and pondered my thoughts. Would there be anything I would change or add to this garden, was it lacking anything and quite honestly it wasn’t,  nothing but a little age beyond the wall. There were plenty of spaces to sit, be it to move with or away from the sun and to take in thoughts or tasks at hand, which every garden needs.

There were pathways that you were naturally led down towards a new area of interest and there were very beautiful well thought out plant combinations, which I suspect inspiration has come from many a beautiful garden, but I definitely feel an air of RHS Harlow Carr in this garden. This garden is going to be even more extraordinary in a couple more years when the woodland matures and veg patch progresses. I still can’t believe it’s only 3 years old. Here’s a look at how it was before and the during landscaping process.


What a transformation!

Thanks for stopping by!

What do you look for in a great garden? Have there been any you’ve visited this year that have really blown you away, let me know in a comment below.

Brightest blessings always,

Bo xx





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  1. How exciting! The garden looks amazing after just three years. What an achievement and inspiration for us all. Thank you for sharing xx


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