Review – Emma The Florist’s Online Flower School



When I heard that my favourite florist in the whole wide world was launching an ‘Online Flower School’ I just had to be enrolled. Emma’s floristry work is probably the main reason that I began growing cut flowers in the first place. She is unbelievably talented when it comes to creating magnificent floral displays and mainly creates for high class weddings and events with her work being featured in wedding and bridal magazines and publications all over from Rock my Wedding to House Beautiful.

Just look at some of her creations!

Flower arranging is an art, it’s not just unwrapping some supermarket blooms and plonking them into a vase, flowers deserve more than that! After all they give us so much, I always say to grow flowers is to grow LOVE! But how do you put them together? Well I’ve dabbled here and there with arranging the flowers I grow, mainly seeking inspiration from florists and stylists like Emma.

Flowers have requirements, some are quite frankly divas and refuse to be teamed with other flowers, some need certain methods to stand up in a vase, some need to be cut a certain way. Then there’s where to cut, height, teaming together, why has this flower made me itch, holy shit that one is poisonous! You see there is so much more involved in making something visually appealing. But there’s absolutely no need to panic because Emma is going to show us how to make the very best flower creations in her new online school.

I enrolled on to the online flower school 2 days before it’s launch, I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited in my whole life. Enrolment was easy and straight forward, the flower school is run on a subscription basis and there are two options to subscribe, the first being a monthly option where £20 instalments will be deposited every month that you are a member and the second being an upfront payment of £185 for the whole year which is the more cost effective option saving £55 for the year!

Once I had successfully enrolled  I was then like a child on the run up to Christmas itching with impatience to see what wonderful secrets Emma was going to share on how she makes the most beautiful arrangements, I could barely contain my excitement. This new private elite floristry school run by my fave florist ever, opportunities like this if you’re a flower and growing geek like me just don’t come around often, if at all.


Here is what you get in your membership:

  • Access to the Private Membership Site – Once you are a member you are given login details for the  members only website where you can access all the flower power!
  • Video Tutorials – Each month Emma will upload a brand new interactive video tutorial, showing how to create wonderful flowery masterpieces and develop flower arranging and floristry skills.
  • Access to the Flower Library – Seasonally updated library of flowers and foliage with detailed care advice for each.
  • Exclusive Floristry Tool Kit – Here is where Emma reveals all her magical secrets enabling us to work like a pro with our blooms, sharing all her tips and tricks.
  • Styling Tips – Updated weekly Emma with share her vast knowledge of skills as a stylist for the home and garden, so we can style our homes like show homes staged for print in House & Home magazine!
  • Members Forum – Emma has also created an online private members group on Facebook where the school members can share their creations and talk about lovely flowery fun, ask questions and get to know other flower enthusiasts.


On the day of the launch I was up early and checking my inbox every hour waiting for the membership login details and the very first tutorial eeeek and when it landed  I took myself off and locked myself away in my office strictly advising my family not to disturb me! The first place I headed after reading the introduction was to the video tutorial and already a Brucie bonus awaiting Emma had uploaded 2 tutorials as a welcoming surprise for the first month, waahhooo!


Without giving any of the tutorial away Emma’s March tutorial was called ‘Tutti Frutti’ and for me the best part about the tutorial was watching the master go to work, how she analyses her creations disclosing why she chooses to place this here and that there and how this will help this etc. Throughout the video she talks about the conditioning of the stems and how to cut them to get the best vase life from them. She delivers the tutorial in a very relaxed and encouraging manner ensuring her pupils that they can’t go wrong and how nothing gets wasted. I felt so empowered and motivated to create something with my new knowledge. To top off the video tutorials Emma also made written instructions of the creations so when you come to make your own arrangements you don’t have to scroll back through the videos for the tips and steps, how amazing is that?

The next place I visited on the private website was the Flower Library, I grow cut flowers and have for a while now and like to think I know my way around in the horti world a fair bit, but growing and arranging cut flowers are two totally different skills, I wouldn’t know without this library that certain flowers that grow happily together would not share a vase happily together at all! In this library Emma gives a detailed care advice for each plant, so you know how to stop flowers wilting or dying after a couple of days, which is all brand new to me.

I found myself next visiting the ‘Work like a Pro’ section and in this Emma shares what you need in your floristry toolkit and a section on how to condition your flowers for the vase. The styling section gives a wonderful project to also be on with again not giving away any of the members only secrets, but I can’t wait to make this either, in fact I might make a bunch of them for my hallway. With all my new skills my house is gonna look amazeballs and I can’t wait for the updates each week and month, I’m so gonna be rocking my cut flowers this year, I can’t wait.

If you are new to growing cut flowers and arranging flowers or want to build on your current skills then I can’t recommend Emma’s Online Flower School enough. As this school grows each month it’s going to be a floristry treasure box packed full of the very best floristry skills, that I can promise you. Emma is a truly wonderful person and magnificent florist, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone not loving her work.

Later in the year once my cut flowers are all strongly growing I’ve invited Emma to the garden and allotment to film one of her tutorials which I am super duper excited about, where she can cut and create away, so if you’re following me and have a particular interest in my cut flower blogs and cut flower growing then you definitely need Emma’s Online Flower School in your life too!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe!

Brightest Blessings,

Bo x