Daring to be Different – The NEW Trend


The way we grow our fruit and veg these days is changing and it’s exciting. No longer is it cool to just grow your own. We want more.

And by more I mean we want choice, variety, something funky and different. We want new colours, new shapes. The quirky old schooler in forms of heritage veg. The new exotic fruit that can now be grown in our climate and tastes like sweeties. And we want them now!

This trend is growing and it’s growing FAST.

Amongst the growing community the buzz of the new growing year is most definitely all about funky new varieties and I most certainly am one of these growers that has been bitten by this trend bug too.

Some of the things on my funky growing list this year are purple peas, beans, carrots and cauliflowers. Multicoloured carrots and chard. White strawberries and currants. A huge variety of squashes and pumpkins in various colours. I loved growing a variety last year, it was so much fun watching the fruits swell and change colour daily.


Simply because I don’t want the same carrot I’ve eaten my whole life. I know excatly how it looks and exactly how it tastes and quite frankly I’m bored of that. I want my harvest to be a rainbow of funky newness, that’s just as exciting for me and for my little beastie too. I want him to see that vegetables can be interesting and cool.  I want our food to be a visual and taste treat, yet have all of the health benefits.


Variety is spice of life or so it’s been said. Some might say that growing your own fruit and veg isn’t cool and is an old fashioned hobby. But you wont be saying that when I plate up and instagram my colourful funky delights.

But in all seriousness growing a variety or new things brings interest with it and others will want to try them too, which means more people will be inspired to start growing their own too or may include more fruits and veggies in their diets which means healthier people.


So who else is daring to be different this year? Let’s get this trend BOOMING!!

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Brightest Blessings,

Bo x



  1. Hello, don’t think I’ve commented here before but I’ve been reading for a while 🙂

    I love rainbow chard, that’s always on my list 🙂 This year I’ve got some rat’s tail radish seeds on the way, and some purple and red spring onion seeds to use up from last year, rainbow carrots and purple mange tout too – yey for colourful veg!

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    1. Michelle - The Bohemian Raspberry says:

      Aww thank you Susie for your comment and for following my blog, I really appreciate it! Your selection of funky veg sounds great, please share as they grow! 🙂


  2. I think you are right that many people like to try more and more new plant varieties, including myself. For example within the last 2 years, I have tried at least 3 different kinds of carrots, plus some carrot mix, no less than 5 kinds of salad, 4 different beans and at least 2 varieties of wild strawberries.

    I think such experimentation is now easier because many seeds, including heirloom plants, are now much more accessible than before. It comes from the trend to grow more heirloom, older varieties avoiding GMO seeds and growing organic food in general. Also because it is now quite easy to buy such more unique seeds, especially via the Internet.


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