Groseeds……….. I think I love you!!


I think I’ve just fallen a little head over heels for the new seed kids on the block. I know everyone gets a little over excited about receiving their new seeds especially at the beginning of a brand new year, but there is something a little more special about these seeds and this seed provider.

Now my seeds tins (note the plural) are pretty well stocked,  I have hundreds of them so I very rarely need to purchase new seed. So at first I wasn’t intentionally looking for seed but thought I’d have a look at groseeds website.

Firstly I was amazed by the price, usually a packet of seeds can cost nearing £3 and once you’ve replenished your stores you’re skint! That wasn’t the case here. Some seeds (during the sale) were less than 80p and at full price were less than £2 this is excellent for a frugal thrifty lass like myself.

So I began browsing,  is there any seeds I need? “Well I could do with a few packets of carrots because they were rubbish for me this year. I do fancy some new runner beans,  parsnips! Ooo I like that flower actually I’ll have those. You know I am wanting to have more herbs growing so the cottage garden is more traditional.” So 21 packets later (pfft didn’t need any seeds) we are at the checkout. Woo I qualify for free delivery having spent over £17.50 and I have a 10% off code, how fantastic.

So fast forward to today. My seeds have arrived. I tip them out all over the dining table with the biggest grin, there’s something so satisfying about new seed, whether it’s your plans coming to life or the promise of abundance, it is a very exciting time. As I marvel at the beauty of sparkling seed packets I notice a note.


How wonderfully thoughtful,  I’m a sucker for personal notes,  letters and stationary so this blew my mind and really showed that this company actually care about their customers and they care about a whole lot more too.

They are company that supports the Buy1 Give1 initiative, which means for every packet of seeds they sell this 1 packet provides a person in Malawi with life saving water for one week. I think that is pretty darn marvellous to be honest. This is not the only great thing that happens through the Buy1 Give1 initiative and groseeds you can read more here.


Groseeds also adopt an economic friendly approach to their production and packaging right down to their envelopes they send the seed in. They are a British company too and if their seeds are not raised in Britain they are in the EU under all EU rules and regs. So you can rest assured that no harm is inflicted on our environment through using groseeds as they adopt ethical and sustainable principles.  That is music to my ears.

And just when you think they can’t get any better they do. For your convenience they have resealable packets and if you scan the barcode you can download the full printable growing guide.

I can’t wait to sow these lovely seeds now, just a little longer to wait. Then we’ll see how they stand up in the growing department although, I have every faith they’ll further blow me away as groseeds also have RHS merits for their seed under their belt too.

So I think it’s safe to say I’ve just found my new favourite seed company!

Please go check out groseeds if you haven’t already, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Thanks for reading,

Bo x