Operation Cottage Garden



Ever since I can remember I have always had a weakness for Cottage gardens. If someone said to me picture the most beautiful garden ever, it most certainly wouldn’t be the many modern gardens of today with their contemporary lines and features, they just don’t do it for me they’re just too groomed and sleek. For me it would be a carefree oasis filled with so many beautiful and classic blooms and full of wildlife all busily intermingling amongst each other .

Now I do not live in a cottage with a beautiful thatch rooftop and a picket fence surrounding my home. In fact I live in a semi-detached in a very urban village. Will that stop me from having my carefree cottage dream garden……..ermmm NOOO, not a chance.

So around June I decided to finish my garden dream. Now landscaping a garden doesn’t come cheap, and I don’t have a hefty budget to throw at it, sadly! I started by installing a kitchen garden where the old scraggly lawn was and then built a stone pond onto the already existing stone border. Then the funds ran out. So I used this time to plan what was next on my gardens agenda, I’m very impulsive so funds running out helped here making sure I really wanted to act on an idea. As sometimes I can get over excited by an idea when in actual fact it would be a pretty poor one, so I took to pinterest and Instagram for some inspo and dug out my cottage garden books by Geoff Hamilton, Carol Klein and the Queen of Cottage Gardens Margery Fish for their expertise.

Now if you follow me on twitter you will probably already know I’ve been working on phase 2 – The Courtyard; which is just a fancy name for a seating area, but it does sound more romantic and that’s what a cottage garden is all about…….oh l’amour!  You’ll have also noticed I haven’t really given anything away on this project. It’s coming in the next couple of days it’s just awaiting a few more finishing touches and then it’s free to be shared with you lovely lot.

Phase 3 of the project – is the stone flower border it needs completely digging out. It is swamped with couch grass and is a right royal pain in the…………… you get my point! Basically I need to take all the perennial plants out and free up the root systems from the couch grass and sieve through the soil of any lurking roots. Some of the plants are past their best now too or have gotten a little to unruly and rampant so they will get recycled to the compost heap. I also bought a tonne of new perennial plants in the sale for next to nothing so went plant crazy and have ordered some special additions with my Christmas money too. I will share in Phase 3’s post which plants I have bought and already have in the stone border.

Phase 4 of the project – is my potting shed, which is more of a dumping ground at the moment, it’s being very sadly neglected so is in a little need of some TLC and a lick of paint. I’m looking to do something creative with the area outside the shed too, which is very shady as it runs down the side of the house. It’s my least favourite part of the garden as it’s very dull.

There you have it, my grand plan. I’m hoping to get all of this (did I mention I was very naïve too) done in the next few days or at least until I return to work on the 9th January, so I best get my sleeves rolled up because there are lots to do.


I’m looking forward to sharing with you as my dream garden comes to life. If you would like to follow my gardening journey please don’t forget to subscribe and any tips or advice you would like to offer please  leave them in a comment below.

Thanks for reading x