What you can see if you just look!


Over the last few weeks I’ve not really had the time to get some hours in at the allotment. There’s been lots going on, we’ve had the birth of my first nephew, weddings, birthdays, college and spending some quality time with family. It’s ok though because all my jobs will still be waiting for me next weekend, but in my break from the norm I happened to notice how truly magnificent autumn is.

Golden Acre Park

Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been a fan but I’m not sure whether it’s me who hasn’t been looking in previous years or whether it’s down to the fact this autumn isn’t wet and miserable like last year, but it’s truly breathtakingly beautiful and can’t help but stop and admire natures splendid work of art.

I visited RHS Harlow Carr recently and the colours are so beautiful and so cleverly put together to complement each other it gave me some inspiration for my current cottage garden project, which I will be revealing soon.

RHS Harlow Carr

Then last weekend driving home from a wedding through the Yorkshire countryside and today I visited Golden Acre park in Leeds I managed to get a couple of pictures to share with you.

Just where did this beauty come from and has it always  been this striking or is this year the year where nature really pulls out all the stops to make your heart warm  and your jaw drop or have I never truly been looking??




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Brightest Blessings, Bo x