My Gardening Faux Pas


I have never claimed to be a professional or experienced gardener, although I have been doing it for some years now I still regard myself as an amateur. I have my successes and  down right failures when it comes to growing, but I see gardening as a science and art. The conditions have a hell of a lot to answer for, that fluke year where all flourished was really down to a wet winter and sunny summer but these things can’t be predicted.

What’s good for the bean isn’t always good for the corn!

I have always just winged it when it comes to gardening, I very rarely do much in terms of prep work and always let nature give a helping hand. Whether it’s self seeding or letting the worms do the digging for me. Honestly I am a very lazy gardener. I install ponds so the wildlife take care of slug patrol, I grow apples so the surplus feeds the birds and feeds my soil (calling on the worms again). I even get my chickens mucking in with digging, weeding and fertilisation whilst I sit back and enjoy the benefits!

Now as my passion for gardening has grown vastly every year my laziness is getting the better of me. I pride my self on being a novice with a good eye for what plant is which. However sometimes when I can’t be bothered labelling up a tray of seedlings thinking “yeah sure I’ll recognise it, it’s fine, I’ve grown it a hundred times”. Then something pokes up and I’m left scratching my head thinking “WTF is that again” is getting a little too unreliable!

So my solution is that I am going to journal my growing and gardening highs and woes, I know it’s shocking I don’t do it already. My projects have gotten all too big to rely on memory and winging it, so I have invested in a pretty hard back journal and some new plant labels. As the gardening new year starts in Autumn/October I thought there was no better time to start than now! I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, I mean we all know how sporadic my blog posts are. But I do intend to record what I’m planting along with where, conditions, locations, successions, jobs to do and whatever else needs monitoring.

I would love to hear and welcome any tips on garden journaling/recording so for once I can feel organised and in control, rather than relying on luck for a change!

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Brightest Blessings,

Bo x


  1. Hiya Chelle,

    It’d be great to hear all of your gardening tales! It sounds like you’ve got a thriving little plot, and it will give you a sort of online journal to look back on! It’s a time of new beginnings is Autumn, what better time to start. Can’t wait to read all about it.
    Love, Isabelle X


    1. Chelle - Boho Raspberry says:

      Aww thanks for the encouragement Isabelle appreciate it x


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