Come Meet The Ladies!

This week I thought I would introduce you to my girls.


I have 3 hens in my urban backyard farm, they go by the names of Angeleek, Bubble and Squeak.chicks

It’s rare I get a decent picture of all 3 together without one screwing it up!

I’ve always wanted a farm and livestock, unfortunately I don’t have much room in my small urban backyard, but I managed to squeeze in these beauties.

They are fantastic creatures and each of them has a great personality. Angeleek is top of the pecking order she is very vocal and boisterous – she likes to let you know she’s there and then tries to run the show!

Bubble is noisy  but the most affectionate of the three. She follows me round like a lost puppy and has the most gorgeous feathers.

Squeak the most timid of the group, funnily enough actually grew in to her name, when she was young she developed a severe cold and we thought we were going to lose her, she had a case of antibiotics and managed to make a full recovery despite the odds being against her, but now she squeaks literally!


The reward of keeping hens goes far more than a good daily supply of eggs, although they are by far the best tasting eggs ever, they help with pest control in the kitchen garden and among the flower beds too.

And the best part is they make fantastic natural fertiliser for growing too, when I muck them out I use the muck on my veg beds and compost heap, and it creates the best rich compost you ever did see.

So if you ever fancy keeping hens yourself, I highly recommend it, they’re great!


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Brightest Blessings,

Bo x