What’s growing on? Spring 2016

The hubby being put to good use on the plot!!

So after the very slow start to the growing year our allotment is now looking a little more productive, which is a jolly good thing and doesn’t half get my knickers in a twist with excitement.

So I thought I would give you an update on how things are looking:

A wee hose down for the legumes.
The petit pois are off!!
Broad beans have the prettiest flowers, they remind me of pandas for some odd reason, panda flower!

The legume bed is really the only established bed at the moment, and I am so excited about popping my first pod. This year we have grown ‘The Sutton’ for broadbeans, which always provide a decent crop. For peas we have two varieties a petit pois ‘peawee 65’ which are off to a flying start and our second sowing is a garden pea ‘Hurst Green Shaft’ which we grew last year and had a great bounty from, these are just sprouting up now, which should be just in time for the petit pois to have finished cropping. We also have french beans and runner beans sowings in this bed, but I’ll save those for next months post.

Squash seeds have just germinated.
The cutest freaking cucumber ever!! ❤

Our cucumbers have just started to flower up and put out fruit, we live in Yorkshire, UK so we are always a little behind the south naturally in the growing season, but the harvests are always worth the wait! This year we are growing a selection of squashes and pumpkins that I got as seeds from Rocket Gardens, these have just germinated, I almost lost faith in them as it took two weeks for them to make an appearance, but now they are off and the future looks bright for these little guys!


In the poly tunnel this year, it’s mainly all tomatoes which were kindly donated from my Dad and my favourite ones too Sungold and Golden Sunrise …………by far the juiciest, sweetest tomatoes ever, they make the perfect snack on the plot!

I’m also growing just two plants of sweet peppers this year in a variety called Cupid, which is also in flower and fruiting up as we speak. #excitingtimes

I will be sharing with you what i feed my tomatoes and peppers to get the best bounty in a future post so stay tuned for that!


And finally we are still on with the hard graft as we are still in the first year with our allotment and here in Yorkshire it rained relentlessly from October until March/April which stopped us doing any of the big jobs over winter so we still have a bit of work to do on plot 34B.

These two freshly dug graves here are actually two slimline veg beds which is soon to be filled full of root veg crops and greens to take us through to the winter months, gosh to be thinking of winter already when it’s only just the start of summer, well needs must if we are to eat through the hungry gap!

selfie wankers
Selfie Wankers!

Thanks for stopping by again, why not share how you’re getting on, I’d love to hear about what you’ve got growing on your plot?

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Brightest Blessing ,

Bo x