Grow Food Not Lawns


My backyard is already pretty hard landscaped, with a large established stone flower bed, which the bees and butterflies love. Over the flower bed is an apple tree which is actually our next door neighbours but it falls quite heavily over our side and our neighbour is very friendly and says whatever is on our side is ours, so that is a fantastic bonus for us. In my flower bed I have English roses, honeysuckle, ivy, verbena, poppies, echihops, lavender, rosemary, ornamental currant and alliums to name a few growing happily. And last year I had a very productive annual cut flower patch, that I got great pleasure from, but this year our plans are changing.

flower bed

Our lawn is a mess, it’s a pain as I’m not a fan of mowing it and it’s an eyesore , patchy and water logged from the winter floods, so we have decided to do away with the lawn and flower patch and build raised beds to grow more food as our allotment is only a half plot so to fully support our food needs more beds are needed.

turf 1

We have taken off the top layer of turf  and placed it under our shrubs to rot down as an extra layer of topsoil for them and to stop our barmy German Shepherd from going in and barking at the neighbours! Embarrassing!!

The girls are loving the forage now the turf has gone!

We’ve now started to construct the vegetable beds, but that’s a blog post for another day so stay tuned so you don’t miss it!

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Brightest Blessings,

Bo x