Such a Waster!


So recently I’ve really started to notice a large amount of trash around. And everywhere too from my local lunchtime walk to the more natural dwellings, to places people have just dumped what they no longer desire, which most likely could still have a purpose somewhere. And that’s the sad thing, because now it’s just waste and a waste that is killing our environment, our home!

But then I started to look a little deeper, mainly through being inspired by the wonderful likes of Rob Greenfield  people I have been connecting with via social media and the genius that is Boyan Slat and his amazing invention to clean up the worlds oceans in just 5 years……. Seriously check it out here it’s mind blowing!


And then I started to question myself. Am I contributing to the problem? Could I make changes to have less waste? Can I still live a fulfilled lifestyle doing so? Will reducing my waste have an impact? The answer to all of these questions is YES!

I am currently contributing to the problem. I must put out a plastic bin liner of waste to the landfill each week, which totals to 52 liners per year, if I spread that out across a playing field it would fill it, which is disgusting.  That’s just me for 1 year, so now imagine what my whole streets waste covers, then my neighbourhood and so forth, surely this doesn’t have to be the case?

Can I make changes to reduce my waste? Of course I can, there are a tonne of daily things I can be doing to reduce my waste and dependence on plastics, here are some of the things I  will be doing to minimize my waste consumption with the view to making steps to becoming #wastefree .

I am the first to admit it’s not going to be easy or an over night miracle, it’s taken years to be conditioned into believing that living with the stuff we have is in abundance and at our constant disposal, so breaking old habits will take time and practice.

Here are the 8 steps I plan to take to reduce my waste:

wastepicture source: @maddieandthemoon

Reduce, do I actually really need it, unless it has a purpose a need other than a desire, I am going to refuse it…. which will be sometimes tough because I love pretty things, but I love my planet too and somethings have got to give.

Reuse, can it be reused, linen carrier bags, food jars, cutlery, towels instead of disposable paper towels etc try use something over without disposing it. Can we repurpose it if we can’t use again? Can it be used for something else?

I broke by biscuit barrel lid, but I used the base of the barrel as a plant pot and the broken lid pieces at the bottom of the plant to create drainage = no waste! Repair, can we fix it so it can continue its life instead of just throwing it out?

Recycle, if you can’t reduce & reuse the next option is to recycle.

Compost, this one gets me so giddy, food scraps, paper, crass cuttings, wool, pet hair, our hair, can all be composted into beautiful rich organic fertilizer. This gives you in return the best fruits and veggies around. I also add my chickens poop to our compost.

Buy unpackaged food, this is my main downfall and plan to tackle this head on. Why does everything need to be wrapped in plastic? I’m planning to take my own reuseable containers and bags to bulk stores and farmers markets and refill them there, things like rice, pasta, grain, legumes etc and this should really cut down on my waste consumption.

Make my own, this for health reasons as well as waste I am going to make my own cosmetics, toothpaste, laundry products and cleaning products.

Refuse it, if it is wrapped in plastics and poisons, just say no thank you!

Purchase used items, instead of buying the brand new item buy the used one instead at thrift and charity shops or at REconomy projects.

The change starts NOW!

Let me know if you want to get involved with your own waste free challenge or are reducing your waste consumption, or are a waste free pro, I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

Thank you  for reading.

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Brightest Blessings,

Bo xx

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