Delayed Start On The Lottie


Winter was mean to my tiny little plot, the extreme wetness winter brought with it was harsh, water logging the beds and totally wrecking my beautiful reclaimed polytunnel – seriously I could of cried.

I had a distraction in the form of volunteering over the Christmas holidays. Where I live totally flooded, so I was out actively helping my community and neighbours who had been badly effected by the Boxing Day floods.


So after some time away I found that I just couldn’t find my mojo to get up to my plot to restore its former glory and then working fulltime and other general bits of life easily distracting me it’s been a very late start for me.

Finally with the Allotment Inspection lurking around the corner and a helping hand from my green fingered and super fabulous mother-in-law  I managed to kick my lazy arse into gear and get shit done!!

And to our amazement, it wasn’t actually as bad as we thought, the beds didn’t require any heavy weeding and sifting through, just a tidy of the accumulated winter debris and a trug and trowel through the surface and they were done. We cleared all the clutter, and composted the dead plants from last years efforts and covered the remaining bits of land that’s still a work in progress for the next visit. We still have 4 main beds to dig – a blog for a later day pehaps, but for now we have tided and planted up our existing beds, we are chuffed with the progress for a small effort, I don’t know what took us so long!


A vast improvement. I guess what looks like a lot of effort is sometime often misleading, so if you have a new allotment don’t feel overwhelmed, you’ll have it in tip top condition in no time!

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Brightest Blessing,

Bo x