The Dream


‘The Dream’ so most girls dream of being a princess in a big house, buying whatever thier hearts desire, me on the other hand dreams of an off grid homestead on a plot of land, mucking out pigs and goats and growing pretty much all my own food, being totally non dependent on fossil fuels, generating my own energy.

Sounds Radical??  Not really, I’ve never been very materialistic, I don’t live for labels and the lastest trends and gadgets, I grew up by my Grandpa’s side cultivating fruits and veggies and fixing and building all sorts of things (My grandpa was a joiner by trade) and visiting the local (just over the road) farm for fresh milk and eggs. I spent my childhood days in fields with the cows with our collie dog playing games and avoiding falling in the cow dung – I didn’t have a thousand toys or wants like most kids of today and adored the simple life.

So as a grown up, it’s not surprising that my ambition is to live the life that made me so happy as a child.  Now it sounds so idyllic harvesting fresh veggies and cuddling the livestock, but in reality it’s not always so rosey and I am not in anyway under any illusion, shit stinks and I will have to shovel that, and veggies sometimes don’t grow to plan or get attacked by a pest or disease and things break and need repairing or a specialist and these cost money and I plan on not working a generic 9-5 job infact I plan on not working at all but on my homestead, so how will I pay for a said specialist?

The Plan, so with most dreams you can watch the opportunity pass you by, or bitch in later life how life is against you or you can work for what you want in life. I’m choosing the latter….. I know I’m not going to win the lotto or come into inheritance from some great loaded uncle, so if I want my dream homestead I have to get off my arse and earn it!

How am I going to do that? Surely early retirement costs a tonne of money…. well that is the plan, I plan to save a tonne of money….. infact most of my income for the next ten years so I can retire when I hit 40!

How do I plan to do that, surely it’s not possible to save 50-60% or more of your income when you have bills and living costs every month? Well I will go into more detail with another blog post, but it is possible, and I will share with you how we are doing it along the way.

There’s nothing that disturbs me more than living a life that doesn’t fulfil you, or be striving towards your ultimate happiness, nothing is handed to you in this life, you are not the exception to the rule, you want something you go after it and work for it!

So sweet homestead, I’m coming for ya!!

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Brightest Blessings,

Bo xx



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