Meditation For Beginners


Meditation……. I find that this subject labours under quite an illusion, which tends to stop folk from trying it or has folk question how to start or where to begin or who they should employ to assist them or they have already given it a whirl and found ‘that zen’ hard to do so they throw in the towel.

The thing is meditation really isn’t difficult at all, once you surrender and let go and just BE…. you’re already doing it.

I’ve practised meditation for years now, I’m no saint though, I can lose touch and drift down that hectic road of life, stress and depression but I always find my way back and feel most content with myself and life when I practise regular.

What do I need for meditation?

Absolutely nothing but YOU, I know there is a huge sterotype image that conjours up when the word meditation is mentioned, think beautiful beaches, sunsets, buddhas….ahhhh, but this is just glamour and nothing more. Meditation requires nothing but your presence.

You don’t need to purchase a mat, clothes or guided meditation audio books etc, again this is all just glamour, if you want to purchase these things thats fine but meditation really is a simple method and doesn’t require you to buy props, it doesn’t make you any better at the practice for having these materials.

I haven’t the time what are the benefits?

Your mind never stops, not even while you sleep, it’s still sending signalls to and throw assisting in the bodies repair work and detoxification etc and your subconscious is at play. So ask yourself, if you have daily stresses be it from work, homelife or lifestyle how this is assisting your everyday function? Plainly: It’s not!!!

By making meditation practice a regular occurance to your every day life you will enrich the quality of your life on so many levels, your physical, emotional, psycological and spiritual development are all improved.

Studies have shown that regular practice improves the following areas:


  • Increased blood flow around the body and slowing the heart rate resulting in lower blood pressure.
  • Better everyday concentration, helping eliminate brain fog.
  • Decreased depression, stress & anxiety.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Inhances the body’s immune system
  • Provides a sense of calm & balance.
  • Raises spiritual vibration & consciousness.

Finding the time can be challenging I agree, but if you have time for instagram, facebook, pintrest and the like then YOU have time to do this.

When is the best time?

Anytime is perfect, the beauty of meditation is you don’t need an appointment, when ever you find stress rising or a question bugging your soul or aggitation and axiety creeping in – that is your soul calling for balance and clarity – declutter that mind – SILENCE and you will find your answers or calm.

I like to practice either first thing in a morning before I reach for my phone and turn on the world, right there laid in my bed or after an evenings bath, which is more of a ritual. I cleanse my body in the bath water rinsing any toxins and negativity I have collected, I then visualise this dissappearing down the plug hole and then I am clean and ready to still and empty my mind, before slumber – promotes a great nights sleep!

Let’s get started sall we….? (About time I hear you say)

Choose somewhere comfortable, not too hot and not too cool, you want to avoid any kind of distractions so turn off the telly, phones, computers, radios etc.

If you have pets make sure they are content – so if it’s there feeding time and you want silence it’s not going to happen!! And same goes for if you have kids, you want a nice quite content time with them too.

Make sure you’re not expecting the postman or a delivery or a call.

For your first attempts I suggest laying down, you can sit if you prefer, but I want you to focus on breath work.

Here We Go!!


  • Grab a cushion for under your head.
  • Roll up a towel for under your knees.
  • Lay down and then place your hands gently on your tummy.
  • When you’re comfortable close your eyes and relax.
  • Take a relaxed big breath in, by relaxed I mean a big breath but not one that fills up so much it’s hard to hold in. Notice your belly inflate, your hands should gently rise up.
  • Hold this breath for 2-3 seconds and then gently release the breath over a count of 3-4. Repeat, inflating the belly (diaphragm) each time.

Once you’ve got your breath rhythm, let’s focus on the mind. This isn’t tricky at all, so don’t be daunted. Our aim is for mind silence. It is not going to happen all at once, especially if you are stressed or feeling anxious. But from your breathing you should already be feeling calmer.

The best way I find for stillness of the mind pick a colour, one you can see when you close your eyes, I tend to choose black as it feels like an empty colour.

Keep doing the breath work and focus on this colour, your colour of silence.

As thoughts enter your mind, which they will, even for the most experienced at meditation, thoughts or your to do list or questions like what you should cook for tea or even why the sky is blue will try distract you. Don’t allow it, just say “Shhh” everytime¬† a thought enters your mind. Shooing away the thoughts that enter and go right back to your breathing and silence colour.

This is it, you’re doing it,¬† YOU are meditating, for how long depends on you, 5 minutes to half an hour is all fine. Don’t put pressure on yourself to sit/lay forever, this will just add to your stress. The mind silence will get easier the more you practice and once you’ve mastered the breath work you can sit to meditate if you prefer, just make sure you continue to fill the belly upon each breath. You can also focus upon a candle flame as you sit or a focal point, and just silence exactly the same saying “Shh to your thoughts and taking whole deep breaths.


See as simple as that, meditation really is easy and attainable. No gimmicks, no props, just YOU!




Thanks for reading,

Mwahh xx